Genesis and Exodus Bible Studies and Prayer Journal Worksheets
For our study of Exodus, we again made file folder lapbooks.  We included mini-books on each aspect of the Tabernacle.  We glued pictures of the different aspects of the Tabernacle on the outside of colorful papers folded into mini-books, and included information on the Tabernacle "pieces" on the inside of the mini-books.  We also used some photocopiable pages from an out-of-print packet of papers called, Big Book of Books and Activities Old Testament Supplement, by Dinah Zike, M.Ed.  In addition, we included a couple of "original" mini-books shaped like two tablets and another one with photos and clipart from the internet to represent each of the plagues. 

In addition, for our Exodus study, I wrote up some Book of Exodus Bible Detective cards based on the Bible Detective Game at Kid's Sunday School Place

Cards for Exodus chapters 1 - 14         (Word)              (PDF)

Cards for Exodus chapters 15-24         (Word)              (PDF)

Cards for Exodus chapters 25-31         (Word)              (PDF)

Cards for Exodus chapters 32-40         (Word)              (PDF)

This page contains information on our prayer journals and our studies of Genesis and Exodus. 

With our study of Genesis, we made lapbook mini-book projects and put together file folder lapbooks at the end of our study.  For the mini-books, I designed blackline masters based on main themes from chapters.  We then attached to each mini-book a summary (using small squares of paper) of what happened in a chapter or chapters.  You could also use the mini-books to include whatever information you want for the chapter or chapters represented by the mini-book design (i.e. spelling words, bullet-style information, small hand drawings, etc.).  I have included scanned copies of the blackline masters for the mini-books which I designed for our lapbooks.  Feel free to use them for your own family's personal use.

Those who belong to the SOW yahoo group can view a photo album of our Genesis lapbook on the group site.      
Globe Front Word                        Tower of Babel Word
Globe Front PDF              Tower of Babel PDF           
Globe Back Word Abram to Abraham 3-flap booklet Word
Globe Back PDF  Abram to Abraham 3-flap booklet PDF
Tree Apples Word Sodom and Gomorrah 4-flap booklet Word
Tree Apples PDF  Sodom and Gomorrah 4-flap booklet PDF
Tree Top Word    Sodom and Gomorrah Fireballs Word
Tree Top PDF     Sodom and Gomorrah Fireballs PDF
Tree Trunk Word Altar of Sacrifice Word
Tree Trunk PDF  Altar of Sacrifice PDF
Snake Front WordJacob's Ladder Word
Snake Front PDF Jacob's Ladder PDF
Snake Back Word Joseph's Coat Word
Snake Back PDF  Joseph's Coat PDF
Wheat and Sheep Word    Joseph's Coat Back Word
Wheat and Sheep PDF     Joseph's Coat Back PDF    
Noah's Ark Front Word   Genealogy Word
Noah's Ark Front PDF         Genealogy PDF    
Noah's Ark Back Word
Noah's Ark Back PDF      
These are daily and weekly journal pages for praying through the "Lord's Prayer."  They include journal pages for learning about and praying for Christian martyrs around the world, as well as for missionaries around the world.  To complete the Christian martyrs pages, we learn about Christian martyrs from around the world using information from Voice of the Martyrs and from Gospel for Asia.  For both Voice of the Martyrs and Gospel for Asia, you can sign up to receive their free newsletters in the mail and/or their news and prayer updates by e-mail.     

Prayer Journal          (Word)               (PDF)

These genealogy pages can be glued to each other to show the genealogy.  Note that the bottom of each page matches the top of the next page.  When gluing together, cover over the bottom of a page with the top of the next page.

Christ in Genesis Mini-Books      

Christ in Exodus Mini-Books