For those who are using Student of the Word, I incorporated our S.O.W. studies into a "one chapter each day" method of studying God's Word.  This study method can also be used by anyone who wants to study God's Word regularly and in-depth (non-SOWers will not be doing the SOW elements of the study).

There were two main elements to our studies:  study notebook pages and review activities.  The review activities included a game that I made to help the kids become more familiar with each chapter.  Click on the link at the bottom of this page for information on how to make your own copy of the game. 

Study Notebook Pages

Numbers Study Notebook
(older readers/writers)WORDPDF

(younger readers/writers)  WORDPDF
For the younger version, the night before a lesson I typed out a specific verse from the chapter that I wanted the child to focus on.  (For the older version, the kids chose their own favorite verses and wrote them out in cursive.)  When my children were still learning manuscript and/or cursive, I used for tracing.  (If you don't have the Startwrite program, you can type the verse in a light gray font using your own word processing software.)  After tracing the verse, the child would cut out the verse and glue it to the study notebook page in the appropriate space.

Daily Study Notebook Question ChartWORDPDF
UPDATE:  Midway through our study of Numbers, I revised how we studied the book of Numbers.  I stopped assigning a study question for each chapter.  The above question chart was only completed through chapter 7.  Instead of me assigning a chapter study question, the children used that section of the notebook page to share about something which stood out to them from the chapter we read.

Review Activities

After every five or so chapters, we did review activities using our SOW language arts lessons.  For mini-books, we mounted them in the study notebook itself instead of in a separate file folder lapbook.

Our review activities included playing a review game. 



For our study of Deuteronomy, we used a revised S.O.W. approach to our studies and started a new Bible study binder system with the following dividers:  Bible Memory Verses, Key Scripture Penmanship, Bible Study Outlines, Bible Vocabulary Study, Bible Setting, and Topical/Character/Commentary Studies.   

Numbers and Deuteronomy Bible Studies