Learning Centers

What are the benefits of Learning Centers?

How are Learning Centers set up?
1.  Determine how many Learning Centers you want.  Suggested centers are Bible Center, Reading Center, Language Center, Writing Center, Listening Center, Social Studies Center, Science Center, Math Center, Arts & Crafts Center, and Music Center.

2.  Set up a box for each center.  Use whatever kind of box is most economical and practical (from a space-saving standpoint) for you.  Consider buying some medium-sized plastic storage boxes at your local department store.  Label each box. 

3.  Place appropriate learning materials in each box.  Be creative!  Some workbooks/worksheets are fine, but try to include lots of hands-on materials, too.  See below for suggestions on what to include.

4.  Place the filled and labeled boxes in the best visible location in your school area.  Consider buying a bookshelf with enough deep shelves to hold all the boxes. 

5.  To use the centers, give your child a daily checklist to know what centers he/she is to use that day.  Determine when the centers will be used.  For example, perhaps you have a busy time in the morning with a nursing infant or toddlers that need your attention or a child who needs individualized school attention.  In that case, during that busy time you can announce  it is now Learning Centers time.  Perhaps you want to set aside a specific time each day just for Learning Centers time.  During Learning Centers time, your children will be responsible for completing a specified (by you) number of activities in each of the designated Learning Centers.

6.  Keep in mind that Learning Centers should be used in addition to teaching time by the homeschool parent.  The centers are intended to supplement the parent's teaching, not replace it.

Some Ideas of Items to Include in Learning Centers
(I have not differentiated between suggested items for older vs. younger children.  Obviously, disregard any suggested items that are too "old" or too "young" for your children.)  

Bible Center:
Reading Center
(This center should ideally be located in a cozy corner of your learning area.  Make sure there is good lighting and, if possible, include bean bag chairs or cozy floor cushions.)

Language Center

Writing Center

Social Studies Center

Science Center

Math Center

Listening Center

Arts & Crafts Center

Music Center