What is lapbooking?
In short, lapbooking is a term used for turning an ordinary file folder into a
creative "book" filled with mini-books that a child has made to showcase what
he/she has learned.  To best understand what a lapbook is, you really want to
see one.  The Internet has many pictures of lapbooks ~ some fancy, some simple,
some from ready-to-make learning materials, some from scratch, etc.  Your child's
lapbook will be as fancy or as simple as the work your child puts into it.
Lapbooks are an awesome alternative to traditional worksheets.

Photos of Lapbooks Done by Other Families

Instructions on Putting Together
the File Folder Book (to hold the mini-books)

Websites for Ordering Ready-to-Make Lapbooks
and/or Lapbooking Supplies

My Favorite Books on Lapbooking
Dinah Zike books at ~

Examples of Paper Folding Techniques to Make
Mini-books, Blank Mini Shape Books, Etc.

My Favorite Sites for Free Foldables Templates,
Lapbook Unit Studies and Lapbooking Information

Common Supplies Needed for Lapbooking
Colorful File Folders (some use poster board)
Colorful Printer Paper
Clear Packaging Tape
Double-sided Sticky Tape (or the kind of sticky tabs you use for
Colorful Markers and Pencils
Paper Cutter (optional, but very helpful)