Additional U.S. Government Project Activities

  • Do copywork of the Declaration of Independence.

  • Study the Constitution of the United States.
Summarize the main point of each section of each article of the Constitution.
Summarize each amendment in the Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution).
Summarize the main point of each section of each of the remaining amendments.

  • Draw a diagram showing the three branches of our Federal government and summarizing their main functions.  Write a paragraph describing why we have three branches of government (specifically discuss “separation of powers” and “checks and balances”).

  • Make a booklet on each of the three branches of our Federal government.

Executive Branch:
For the Executive Branch booklet, state who is included in this branch (i.e., President [What are the qualifications and responsibilities for the presidency? How many years can he/she serve?]; Vice President [qualifications and responsibilities]; departments; executive agencies; independent agencies).  Include in the booklet the details on the current President (photo, years/terms served to date, political party, biography, etc.) and Vice President (same type of information).  Also include a chart of the Presidential Cabinet (the cabinet members are the heads of Executive Branch departments).  Include in that chart pictures, names, and current duties of each cabinet member.  Also include a chart of the order of succession (provided the person meets the pre-qualifications for being President) if the President is unable to fulfill his/her duties as President.       

Judicial Branch:
For the Judicial Branch booklet, include information on the Supreme Court.  Answer the following questions.  What is judicial review?  How many justices are there?  Who is the chief justice and what does he/she do?  How are the justices and chief justice appointed?  How long do they serve?  Include a chart of the names/pictures/short biography of the current justices.  Briefly discuss the lower Federal courts.

Legislative Branch:
For the Legislative Branch booklet, include information on Congress (it is bicameral with both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate) and the agencies in this branch (Architect of the Capitol, Congressional Budget Office, Government Accountability Office, Government Printing Office, Library of Congress).  What are the duties of each?

  • Do a timeline of U.S. Presidents.  Include a picture, name, number of presidency, years of presidency, name of Vice President, and other relevant information.

  • Make a Dictionary of Government Words.

  • Make a photo scrapbook of main government buildings and monuments in Washington, D.C.  Include the name and address of each.

Lessons on Voting in Presidential Elections in the
United States of America