Ideas for Creative Homeschooling

Kids can get bored and disinterested if they have to do the same thing every day for school.  I think kids of all ages need a variety of creative outlets for sharing back what they have learned.     

Invest in art supplies to have on hand.

Although it may be easier (and less messy) for Mom (or Dad) to have kids repeat back what they have learned through worksheets or answering textbook questions, a child's homeschool experience should not be limited to parroting answers.  Incorporate art-type projects each week that allow your child to creatively show what he/she learned during the week.  Be sure to take a picture of your child's project so the photo can be placed in the child's portfolio or lapbook or notebook.
A great way for kids to share what they learned about a subject is through lapbooking.  If your child has a special interest that you don't have time to incorporate in your teaching time, have your child do his/her own research and put together a lapbook to show what he/she learned on the subject.  Lapbooking is also a great alternative to traditional worksheets and testing for the subject material you teach to your children. 

For more information on lapbooking, refer to my webpage on Lapbooking.

Another creative way to teach/learn is through notebooking.  For more information, refer to my Notebooking webpage.

Plan a project fair dessert night for your kids.  (The end of the school year is a good time to hold such an event.)  Invite family and/or friends over for dessert and to see your kids' projects.  Have each child practice public speaking by preparing a short 1-2 minute presentation of his/her project.  Help your children bake a couple of desserts and prepare a beverage for the fair.  For the fair, have each child prepare a three-dimensional project, a lapbook or notebook, and a written report or essay.