For information on how to use this checklist page,
refer to my Homeschool Accountability and Incentive System.
Daily Chores Checklist
___Personal Care
___Brushed teeth
___Flossed teeth
___Cleaned (washed/showered/bathed)
___Got dressed
___Put dirty clothes in hamper
___Made bed
___Vacuumed/swept bedroom floor
___Straightened up bedroom

___Family Jobs (check line to right if assigned)
___Took out the trash___
___Set table___
___Cleared table___
___Washed laundry___
___Dried laundry___
___Folded laundry___
___Put away laundry___
___Washed dishes (or loaded dishwasher)___
___Dried dishes (or emptied dishwasher)___
___Put away dishes___
___Straightened up (e.g., vacuumed, picked up, wiped down, etc.) common areas
___Living room___
___Family room___
___Laundry room___
___Dining room___

___Pet care___

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Date _______________________________