Bible Review Ideas and Activities

We have used different review activities for our Bible studies.  One activity is the Bible Study Game on this website.  For our study of Exodus, we used an improvised form of the Bible Detectives Game at  To read how we used the Bible Detectives Game, refer to my Exodus information (and read below).

Although I made my own Bible Detective cards for our study of Exodus, I no longer make my own cards because I discovered the Bible Crusaders e-book Bible study that has questions for every book of the Bible.  I decided I was trying to re-invent the wheel by coming up with my own questions when I could just use the questions from that study.  It does cost $24.95, but that is very reasonable considering it covers every book of the Bible.  I should point out the questions/answers on that e-book study are based on the KJV, but it isn't difficult to figure things out with whatever Bible version you use.  The Bible Crusaders e-book website offers a few of their Crusaders studies for FREE.  You can check out the free studies before committing to a purchase.  (Disclaimer:  I have only used the general knowledge Bible questions from the Crusaders study.  I have not used or reviewed any of the other Bible study materials from that website.)  

Regarding the Bible Detectives game, I improvised how we did that.  Instead of my handing out Bible Bucks for correct answers, for every question my children correctly answered, they received a checkmark on a scorecard.  At the end of the week, the checkmarks were tallied per child.  Fridays were ice cream sundaes night.  Depending on how many questions there were for the week, and depending on how many questions a child correctly answered during the week, a child could earn ice cream, or ice cream + 1 topping, or ice cream + 2 toppings, or ice cream + 3 toppings, or ice cream + all the toppings (the child had to get ALL the questions correct for that prize).

If you don't want to reward correct answers with ice cream, consider letting your children cash in their Bible Bucks or scorecards for coupon prizes.  There are some neat coupon ideas and free printable coupons at

Bible Trivia Around the Room Game
The night before each school day, make yourself a questions and answers page of 5-10 questions based on the previous day's Bible lesson.  Under each question, come up with 4 possible answers, only one answer being correct.  On your Q&A page, label each possible answer as A, B, C, D.  Make four pieces of construction paper labeled with a big A, B, C, D.  Place the 4 letter cards around the school area.  In the morning, during this Bible review time, ask one of your review questions to all the children, and read all
four possible answers.  Tell each child to go stand next to the letter that he/she thinks represents the correct answer.  Children might end up at different letters or all at the same letter.  After they are all at a letter, tell them the correct answer. Progress through each question and the possible answers.