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I love the Student of the Word curriculum.  Even though my family switched to only using SOW for our Bible studies, I still recommend without reservation the SOW program.  SOW is so flexible that families can adapt the program to meet their own needs.  That is what we did.  After being asked many times how my family has used SOW for our Bible studies, I decided to post my answer on this page.

I am hopeful my answer will give SOWers some insight into one possible way to change things up while still using SOW as a backbone for Bible studies.  I am also hopeful my answer will encourage non-SOWers to check out SOW for themselves.  Just because my family switched to using it only for Bible study doesn't mean you won't use SOW for more than that.     

Before I go into more detail on how my family has used SOW for our Bible studies, I must also say that our use of the program has gone through a metamorphosis over the years.  After our first year of SOWing as it was designed to be used, and after seeking the Lord's wisdom and Him redirecting me to use SOW only for our Bible studies, I created a SOW-like study system that is outlined on the chart below.

Parts of the chart will only make sense to SOW users, since those parts reference code letters/numbers for worksheets I designed to go along with our SOW studies.  Those worksheets are posted on my SOW Worksheets page that is only available to SOW users.  I don't want to infringe on the copyrights of the SOW writers, so I require verification of SOW ownership in order for you to see those worksheets.  If you own SOW and would like to see the worksheets, just send me an e-mail to Tammy at and I'll send you two verification of SOW ownership questions.  Once I receive your answers, I'll send you the password for the worksheets page.
CHART ~ How My Family Has Used SOW     WORD  PDF

When my kids got older, we started to use a consolidated worksheet that combines SOW-like concepts.  The worksheet is #29 on the SOW Worksheets page.       



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