Supplies Needed:
Small pad of white paper
One container of Playdough
One-minute sand timer
One die
Pawns (one for each child)
Blank perforated (printer) business cards
Thin marker or pen
Tokens (can be pennies or even 1-inch squares of paper cut from cardstock paper)
File folder or cardboard (for the gameboard)
Sticker paper
Bible study questions

Steps for Making Game:
1.  Print the following page onto one piece of sticker paper.
2.  Cut stickers from #1 into rectangles.  Make gameboard by placing stickers around outer edge of opened file folder or cardboard.  Be sure to leave a small space in between each sticker.
3.  Go through the chapters you have studied and choose single key words to write out on the blank perforated business cards.  These cards will be the "DRAW, MOLD, ACT, SING" cards.  Pull apart the cards and place face down in the middle of the gameboard.
4.  Print out the questions and answers sheets for the applicable Bible chapters using the Crusaders e-book Bible study.  This does cost $24.95 to download, but it is well worth the price as it covers the entire Bible.  (Disclaimer:  I have only used the general knowledge Bible questions from the Crusaders study.  I have not used or reviewed any of the other Bible study materials from that website.)
If you choose not to use the e-book questions, you can type up your own questions and answers sheet instead.        

Rules for Playing Game:
1.  Mom or Dad is the game moderator and asks the questions when someone lands on "LOOK IT UP."  Moderator also serves as token banker and timer.

2.  Players roll die and highest roll begins.  Play goes clockwise.

3.  On player's turn, he or she rolls the die.  Player advances that number of spaces and does what the space says.  ("Skip turn" means that turn is finished with no chance of earning a token.)

4.  If a player lands on "DRAW, MOLD, ACT, SING," player picks a card from card pile in middle of gameboard.  Game moderator starts timer.  Player can draw, mold, act, or sing the word on the card until the time runs out.  Player can switch back-and-forth between drawing, molding, acting, or singing if no one is guessing correctly. Drawing and molding must be silent. Acting and singing can include spoken words, but the word on the card must not be spoken or sung.  If someone guesses the word before the timer runs out, that player who guessed correctly receives one token as does the drawer/molder/actor/singer.  If no one guesses the word on the card, no one receives a token and play continues with the next player.

5.  If a player lands on "LOOK IT UP," the game moderator asks one question from the question sheet.  The timer is set.  If the player correctly answers the question without a verse prompt, the player receives two tokens.  If the player asks for a verse prompt and then looks up the answer in the Bible and answers it correctly, the player receives one token.  If the player answers the verse incorrectly with or without a verse prompt, no token is earned and play continues with the next player. 

6.  If a player lands on "CHOICE," the player chooses between "DRAW, MOLD, ACT, SING" and "LOOK IT UP." 

7.  The player with the most tokens at the end of the game wins.  Play ends in one of several ways:  (a)  after a pre-specified period of time; (b)  after each player advances around the board a pre-specified number of times; or (c) after the first player wins a pre-specified number of tokens.  

This game can be used for any book of the Bible.